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galveston | Digital Art Director specialised in mobile
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  • The in store solution
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  • Newsletter to parents
  • Filtering on age and possible allergies

Semper iPad instore solution

Helping parents when baying baby food.

To have a good presence in store and helping parents when buying baby food is key to increase sales and increase brand awareness. More Mobile Relations helped Semper/Hero Group to develop an iPad application where parents easily could create weekly menus for their baby based on the baby’s age and any allergies. Project started as a pilot in Stockholm but has already been ordered by Semper Russia.

I was responsible for interaction design, complete wireframes and design as well as part of the concept development team. App is not in App Store but more images are available here.

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Volvo Service 2.0

An easy access service concept

Volvo Norway now gives Volvo owners a possibility to maximize the advantages of the new 2.0 service concept. Find useful vehicle data, get service reminders, find the nearest Volvo retailer, useful phone numbers and news from Volvo.

I was responsible for interaction design, complete wireframes and design for both iPhone and Android. Here are some more screenshots.

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EF My Take Video Editor

The one stop video editor

EF is the world leader in international education with over 400 schools in more than 50 countries. For a couple of years EF has been working with a concept called “Live The Language” to attract students and show off the diversity of places where it’s possible to learn a new language or improve on existing skills. Part of the concept EF created a really nice collection of videos that are available on the EF YouTube channel.

The videos are really stunning and EF wanted the students to also be able to record, edit and share their experiences in a simple and fun way. The result – EF My Take Video Editor. Available on iPad (and pretty soon iPhone). Part of the Portably team I was responsible for the interaction- and visual design.

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Telenor My Page

Cost control and targeted offers

Telenor wanted users to have access to my pages in their smartphones. Based on internal work shops and external focus groups the scope of the app was decided to target the private segment. Besides having cost control the users as well have access to targeted offers published by Telenor.

I was part of the concept development team and responsible for interaction design and design. As part of the interaction phase I produced a html-prototype that was tested with eye-tracking on a focus group. More images available here.

  • spela-in

Telia Record everywhere

Extension of your digital set top box.

Spela in (Record everywhere) is perfect example of a product extension into the mobile channel. With the app developed for iPad, iPhone and Android it’s possible to remotely control your STB, cancel scheduled recordings and delete recordings. Second version has support for landscape, reminders and it’s possible to edit favourite channels.

I was responsible for the interaction design, html-prototype development and the design for all platforms. More images available here.