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Skånetrafiken public transport app

A new app for a new ticket system

The project in short

A new iPhone and Android app for Skånetrafiken, the public transport company in southern Sweden. In this project, I was one out of three designers from ustwo working as consultants in the app development team. My role as the UI designer in the team included tasks such as:

  • UI design of the Android and IOS apps
  • Icon design
  • Prototyping
  • User testing

The challenge for Skånetrafiken

In Skånetrafiken every day 465.000 journeys are done but there was a need to digitalize the experience for the user by developing a new app that would connect to a whole new ticketing system. Planning a journey and buying a ticket was key in the new app.

From a concept to a released product

Research: Users plan a journey from one stop to another

Research showed that users searched for journeys based on existing (and known) stops and not based on their current location and the final destination. By doing so, users missed out on alternative journeys and modes of transportation – especially critical if there were disturbances.

Concept: “Where do you want to go?”

Where to go from your current location

By steering users to enter where they wanted to go, Skånetrafiken could present the best journey alternatives and present travel time, modes of transportation, and walking distance.

By saving a journey, users could see how to get to their final destination right now with just one tap.

Points of interest and favorites icons

For the saved journeys and to differentiate stops from points of interest and addresses we decided to use icons to set them apart visually. Icons that were descriptive and clear, but also created a visual family. I was responsible for creating these icons.

User testing: Easy access to the users

For this project, Skånetrafiken located the whole team in an office close to the central station. The location of “The lab” gave us an opportunity to walk out and quickly user test and get feedback on mock-ups, icon versions, and design iterations which was valuable – but also really fun.


The app team, including designers, app developers, solution architects, QA, scrum master and product owner working in the same room meant easy collaboration and communication. Easy access to customers was a fun and lo-fi way to confirm designs. And participating in an accessibility workshop while trying to travel as a visually impaired traveler made me understand how important both physical and digital cues were to a user.