EF My Take Video Editor

EFOne of the applications I have been working on during the last six months is finally live – EF My Take Video Editor. Currently only the iPad version is live but soon the iPhone version will be released as well.

For a couple of years EF has been working with a concept called “Live The Language” to attract students and show off the diversity of places where it’s possible to learn a new language or improve on existing skills. Part of the concept EF created a really nice collection of videos that are available on the EF YouTube channel.

The videos are really stunning and EF wanted the students to also be able to record, edit and share their experiences in a simple and fun way. The result – EF My Take Video Editor. Part of the Portably team I was responsible for the interaction- and visual design, see some screenshots on my frontpage.

19 applications and 43 platform versions later

At work I am preparing a Pecha Kucha about myself, who I am, where I am from and what drives me. I wanted to briefly show some of my work and what I have done which made me realize I don’t have slightest idea how many app projects I have been involved in.

So I decided to put together a list and here it is. Most app projects I did as an Art Director at More Mobile Relations (then Portably and now Mirum) and the applications released (or soon to be released) as Galveston:

  • Pepsi Black Eyed Peas – Java, 2008
  • Semper Stan med barn – iPhone, 2008
  • Telia Spela in – iPhone, iPad, Android, 2010
  • Telia Våga messa – iPhone, Android, Java, 2010
  • Getinge Get More – iPhone, Android, Java, 2010
  • Vodafone Meet Anywhere – iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, 2011
  • Telenor Sverige – iPhone, Android, 2011
  • Telia Mitt Telia – iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7, 2011
  • Telia Telemöte – iPhone, Android, 2011
  • Telia Trends – iPhone, Android, 2011
  • Volvo Norway – iPhone, Android, 2011
  • Coop Norway – iPhone, iPhone, 2011
  • Telia Centrex – iPhone, Android, 2011
  • Vodafone Usage App – iPhone, Android, 2012
  • Semper Food guide – iPad (prototype), 2012
  • Teknikföretagen – iPhone, Android, 2012
  • EF My Take Video Editor – iPhone, iPad, 2013
  • Telenor Mitt Telenor Norge – iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7, 2013
  • Work-in-progress – iPhone, Android, 2013

So that sums up to in total 19 applications in 43 platform versions… Pretty impressed I might say.

Finishing off before summer holidays

Busy times just before the summer holidays when I try to wireframe, design (and probably cut up most of the graphics) for two applications we are working on right now at More Mobile Relations.

First one is a data usage application for an telecom operator that will be available for iPhone and Android sometimes early autumn. The second one is a video editing application for iPad and iPhone that will be available later this autumn.

Both really fun projects and I have posted some sneak previews on Dribbble. The sneak previews for the data usage application and here is the video editing application.

Designing applications and mobile web – the tools, the tips and tricks

I have been designing applications, mobile sites and what not for the last 4-5 years at least. It have have been a challenge and a lot of trial-and-error type of thinking. What works? What doesn’t work? Why not? Image formats, quality, compression rates have been a big part of everyday work.

Lately though a lot of tools have been developed that will help you when designing mobile applications and mobile web a lot. Lets go through the tools and some tips and tricks that will make your life as a designer easier.

Inspiration för design av Android och iOS

En liten post med sajter där man kan hitta bra exempel på hur andra har löst designen på loginsidor, profiler, dela innehåll, start-up-sidor etc för framför allt iOS men även lite för Android och mobila webbsidor. Mina tips är:

  1. Mobile Awsomeness
  2. CSSiPhone
  3. Mobile UI patterns
  4. pttrns
  5. Mobabled, min egna sajt där jag gjorde ett ambitiöst försök att samla design från appar och sajter, kanske borde jag bygga om den enligt samma modell som t.ex. pttrns ovan
  6. Dribbble där man kan söka på iOS, iPhone eller iPad
  7. Emberapp där man kan hitta design för iPhone och iPad
  8. LovelyUI

Har samlat dessa samt nya sajter som tillkommer på Delicious.com/glvstn/mobile+pattern

Foto: lucamascaro på Flickr

Edit, lagt till 7. Embedapp 11 mars. Lovely UI 11 april.