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Malmö Högskola – Wearables

Together with my colleague Christoffer “Toffer” Jakobsen, Android developer at ustwo I did a speech in October 2015 for the “Designing for wearables” class. We showed them that even with limited knowledge and and an ever-changing technology it’s still possible to find and to launch valuable products to the market. All based on a lean approach and being able to repeat and use a good process.

Cannes Lion 2012

18 of June 2012 I did two workshops together with my colleague Maja Bergstrand during Cannes Lions about the possibilities communicating in the mobile channel.

Berghs School of Communication – Strategic communications and PR

19 of April 2012 I did a half day work shop together with my colleague Maja Bergstrand at Berghs School of Communications and the class of Strategic Communications and PR as a part of  learning more about digital communications. Focus during the workshop was on brand building and PR in the mobile channel.

Atomer och bitar – Application or mobile site

17 of December 2010 I once again had the opportunity to speak about applications and mobile sites. Presentation is available on Slideshare.

There’s an app for that – time for a mobile site

13 of June 2010 I did a presentation at Atomer & Bitar explaining applications and mobile sites pros and cons. Presentations is available on on Slideshare.

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