Finishing off before summer holidays

Busy times just before the summer holidays when I try to wireframe, design (and probably cut up most of the graphics) for two applications we are working on right now at More Mobile Relations.

First one is a data usage application for an telecom operator that will be available for iPhone and Android sometimes early autumn. The second one is a video editing application for iPad and iPhone that will be available later this autumn.

Both really fun projects and I have posted some sneak previews on Dribbble. The sneak previews for the data usage application and here is the video editing application.

Nokia Lumia 800 and Windows Phone 7.5 first impression from a usability perspective

End of November I attended the MobX Conference in Berlin and became a lucky winner of a brand new, in Sweden not yet released, Nokia Lumia 800. Short summary of MobXCon in Swedish. The first Windows Phone 7 release from Nokia with the new “Mango” 7.5 OS version. In this post I will try to summarize my experiences from using the Lumia hands on.

Just to give you some background info of my previous smartphone experience. I bought a iPhone 2G 2007 and used that for more than two years, have had a iPhone 3GS after that, used a HTC Desire for about 9 months and right now I am using the Lumia and a iPhone 4S.

Unfortunatly its not possible to screen dump on WP7 (unless you developer unlock it for $99 and side load a 3rd party application) and I honestly believe that it is a big draw back for users not to be able to share screen dumps and spread the word about WP7. But I will try to illustrate my examples with some images from the official Windows Phone templates PSD.